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Self portrait of Erin Antognoli in glitch art style

Who is Erin Antognoli?

Erin is a sculptor and photographer based in the Washington DC Metro area. 

Her sculpture media of choice consists of steel and glass, incorporating a visual narrative, including photographs, into her artwork. 

Erin also practices a rapidly disappearing photography discipline - one of a kind pieces of art using traditional darkroom and alternative process techniques. Her favorite cameras to use consist of film cameras, primarily the Holga. Erin's skill at creating images that overlap in-camera has been profiled in many articles and video segments, including Shutterbug and Voice of America. 

Erin is one of the few photographers in the world offering Silver Gelatin Mordançage images. This complex process is based in traditional darkroom printing with a little corrosive acid action thrown in, resulting in one of a kind, beautiful pieces of art. 

However, Erin does work in digital media as well as analog. The message and final product always determine the process and materials.

Erin has exhibited her artwork internationally, and commissions custom creations in addition to gallery sales. 

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